Saturdays Could Be Sooo Productive

My list of things I should do today:

1. Write another blog post

2. Workout so I’m not fat for Courtney come wedding time

3. Rework my portion of our final research report into the correct format…or rather think about doing it

4. Go to the fridge in the hopes of finding something different to snack on than the last time I checked(about 20 minutes ago)

5. “Pine” and miss Courtney. It should be noted that this particular item isn’t in any particular order, it’s just throughout and in-between all the others.

6. Have second thoughts about creating a list. I feel obligated to make at least 10 items to make my day look somewhat productive

7. Go for a motorcycle ride as a reward for finishing my research project

8. Realize I need to actually finish the project and that I got ahead of myself

9. Finish the project!

10. The prize for completing the list? Getting to Skype my gorgeous fiancé!


What I’ve learned from doing this list for my Saturday is that I could probably reduce both the number of items and the length of time it takes to do most of them if Courtney was here. There’s something very special about having my significant other around. The short time we actually get to be together, which is on our weekend or week long marathon dates, we get so much done! 

A common topic that comes through our messages throughout each Saturday is how much we would love to even just do errands with each other. We’ve had a couple of chances to do some grocery shopping, getting wedding stuff ready, and it almost, almost feels like we are really playing house like grown-ups! Every Saturday I’ve been able to spend with her is like a window into the future of what it might be like to be married. Neither of us has been married before(figured that was a given, but these days you never know!), so the chance to do all these little things together is something I miss when she is away.

I’ve never counted down to something so eagerly in my life. The weekends we are apart are disappearing, and even though they feel like molasses passing through a tightly woven strainer, I feel as though the time will pass faster as we get closer. Then my Saturday to-do list probably won’t get any shorter, or it will be replaced all together by a “honey-do” list, which right now sounds awesome! You can definitely tell I’m still freshly and hopelessly in love when a honey-do list sounds like fun, talk to my dad about his list, it has no ending and doesn’t seem to be quite as exciting for him. I’ll never get bored of mine!   Words of a naive husband to be perhaps? Nope, that’s ridiculous! I’ll love doing things for her for the rest of forever!


Eloping, Still Joking..Right?

I’m on a post a day until Sunday to make the final blog post requirement for this assignment, so you all will be subjected to whatever random loosely related topics I can come up with until then! This one I owe to my fiancé though, my creative juices were running dry for the evening after a long day at work, and hey, it’s my blog, so why not! We’ve talked about it enough, so why not mention eloping here!

We haven’t been able to track down the very first time we joked about eloping, although we know it certainly was very early in our relationship. I can’t quite place if it was joked about in person or over a text message, the latter being the a pretty likely place if any as that was an easy form of communication between countries. Court sifted through a good number of our messages to try and find where it all started(there’s a lot to go through), she found some good stuff we could think back on and laugh about in the process.

Looking back that far it feels like it was so long ago, because we hardly knew each other at the time. Now I feel like there hasn’t been a time where I haven’t known Courtney, and I can’t imagine any version of my life where she isn’t woven through every fibre. It probably feels like such a far away place because we have gone leaps and bounds as far as relationships go, you know, getting engaged to be married and all. In most cultures, that’s what the call a “big deal”.

The jokes about eloping really started the idea roaming around in my head. At first I think it was an innocent joke, but with a closer look, I’m starting to think it was my subconscious doing some probing before I even knew that that was what I wanted! The frequency of the joke started to increase as time went on, even throwing it at both sets of parents to try and get a rise out of them, and maybe even preparing them for when we got really serious and talked about getting married.

With the introduction of engagement and wedding planning, eloping has seemed like a very real possibility! Just when we think we can’t do it, (not just the planning part) when we can’t stand to be apart any longer, eloping seems like a very rational idea. I told Courtney tonight that with just being paid today, I thought I could get us each a one way ticket to Thailand for our elopement, and we would be stuck there until I could scrounge up enough money to make our way back! That would allow enough time to pass for our families to cool off a bit, hah!

We’ve done the whole 8 months of our relationship long distance in one form or another, so to quit now would be pretty impressive. We won’t do that though, we are going to stick it out, we can definitely make it to our special day. All the planning and waiting will be well worth the wait, but that certainly won’t stop us from joking about eloping just like we did about getting married, they just go hand in hand. Being that this is a wedding planning blog, it would be an interesting turn of events if we really did elope, but don’t worry, we won’t do it! (at least today…)