Registering for Gifts and Such!

One of the adventures that I was able to experience with my Courtney was registering for wedding gifts. I had seen such things on friends wedding announcements, I just thought it was a a strange declaration to tell the world those two things together. “Hey we are getting married! We are also registered at Bed Bath and Beyond!” Apparently this is a common thing these days, and it was actually pretty fun! Registering is something I would have no clue how to do on my own, but thankfully with the help of my fiancé and the staff at the prior mentioned store, it was easy!

When we first entered the store, I couldn’t help but think about Adam Sandler’s movie “Click” and his powerful universal remote. I was tempted to ask about the beyond section, but being that shopping is my kryptonite I figured the less time spent in there the better. The lady was very helpful, there is a side area once you enter the store that is dedicated to wedding registries, complete with cozy chairs, complementary water bottles, and displays of nice dishes(I suppose they are china…I don’t really know the difference!).

We went to two stores, one in her home town and mine, over her visit, and all the employees that helped us had the same kind of direction to give us, showing some good all around training. They offered to help, even guide us around the store telling us all the details about various products, which we took the first lady up on as we felt a little overwhelmed! I never thought I could learn so much about non-stick cooking ware, she educated us like a champ!

After a little more help we felt brave enough to strike out on our own, wielding the scanner like a laser tag gun(at least when I got to hold it). I would like to compare my experience with registering like the first time I went on a cruise ship. Any of you who have been on one knows just how much food is available, and how if you are undecided on two different entrées, they just bring you both! You start the cruise being very polite, only eating as much as you need, but by the end, you are ordering a couple appetizers, two entrées, and just as many or more desserts. Registering started out much the same, with me constantly thinking how expensive something was, or how we could do without.

It took some training, but my fiancé finally convinced me that we weren’t the ones buying these things, they were really just gift ideas that were really easy to find for those attending our wedding! Once that was firmly set in my mind, I had no problem scanning all the things it takes to start a home, and there was way more than I thought there was. I am so grateful for both of our parents going to all the trouble to have these receptions for us so we can even receive some help to start off, I don’t think we could do it otherwise!

Overall it was a really good experience, and was a fun date! We found out we liked a lot of the same appliances, bed linens, towels, and all kinds of things that were far from my mind. Registering is a great way to give some pointed suggestions to those attending, that way you don’t receive too many of the same gift, and you get a good idea of what kinds of things you need to have to start out before you get married and learn how to live together! In the end, I think I could get used to registering, it’s not quite kryptonite for me, I had some wonderful backup from Court and Bed, Bath and Beyond!