The Last Post, For Now

We’ve made it to the final post that is required for my professional writing class. 29 posts laster, I’ve had a pretty good experience with this whole blogging thing. I’ve got to write about my Courtney, who I could write about a dote on for much longer than I’m sure many of you care to hear. I’ll share some of my experiences with blogging thus far, and why it’s been fun!

At first I thought I would have a plethora of material by commenting on the wedding planning process from the grooms perspective, but as I started writing, I found myself gravitating away from that and just talking about how much I love and miss Courtney. Eww gross I know, cooties for everyone, but I just couldn’t help myself! 

I’ve never been much of a journal keeper, always intending to write down my thoughts on a regular basis, the actual result ending in a two or three day stint and then silence. The longest stretch I’ve ever kept a consistent journal before now was when I was a missionary down on the Navajo reservation for two years, and it was a great way to sort all my thoughts out.

Writing on a public stage I don’t put down my innermost thoughts, but as for my feelings for my fiancé, I have no problem sharing those with the world. Blogging and social media are todays mountains from which I can tell the whole world about my beautiful soon to be wife, and that I can’t do enough! I think I will keep writing on here, building up to the big day, which is getting so close! 

I’ve grown to like blogging enough, that I will probably continue writing, but in the future, perhaps my wife and I (oh boy that sounds cool!) can team blog about the married life and our little family! Just last night Court was telling me that she hasn’t really found any husband and wife co-written blogs, and we considered that maybe attempting that could end in problems! Not for us though, if we do tackle that, we will definitely have the best of times writing together(my honeymoon stage started early, and isn’t going to end!).

That’s all for today, we’ll see how good I am about blogging without the promise of a good grade! It’s been a really good experience, and I sure do love my sweetheart, just counting down to when I get to be with her, like always!