First Non-Mandatory Post, Feels Good!

Ahhh it feels good knowing I can do this just because I want to. One of the reasons I’m writing this is to distract myself from the task at hand, studying! Really who likes studying? Maybe I would if it was of my own free will right? That won’t happen until I’m out of school though. Oh yea, and I really really miss Courtney! We are getting closer to being together, and it feels like forever until next Saturday when she comes home to me without having to leave again, so close!

I have just one more final exam on Monday, the last possible exam day, it’s accounting, and it’s at 7pm. Definitely my first pick of exam times. Not. I’ve made it through all the others without too much difficulty, although I wouldn’t say the same in the few panicked hours before each of the exams. I really felt good about the first one though, we were allowed a cheat sheet.

The whole cheat sheet idea was great for relieving anxiety before a test, it actually stopped me from having too many nervous trips to the bathroom for number-two false alarms. Probably too much information, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets super nervous and thinks that churning feeling in your stomach is something else. I felt very confident right up until the moment I got out of my truck at the university and reached into my pocket to feel for that stress reducing piece of paper. It must have fallen out! 

This inspired me, if I ever became a teacher, to try something to help students with stress during exams and tests. Let them know beforehand that they can make a cheat sheet, so they don’t feel like they need to hide under a rock and die a little inside until they get that test in front of them, and then just collect it before it starts! It’s pretty consistent that you really don’t need to remember much from what you put on the sheet, just the act of doing so with very careful, and very small writing, seems to sink most of it into your brain. Now this trick would only work once, and your students would never trust you again, but it might be a fun experiment! 

I actually felt really good about that particular test, so maybe there’s something to it! Maybe I should just leave the teaching skills to my future wife, who you know, went to school to learn how to do it right!

Courtney is basically done with all her school now, she is just counting the seconds until this next week is over. She has already walked for graduation, had all her final observations, and just needs to come home to me now! We will be busy right out of the gate basement suite and apartment hunting, we don’t want to live with our parents! 

Once she is back, she never has to go anywhere for any extended period of time, I CAN’T WAIT! I’m certain that my happiness is in direct relation to the physical proximity of my sweetheart, the smaller the distance, the happier of a camper I am! 

More updates to come as we get closer to the wedding, to say that we are excited is well, a gross understatement!