First Non-Mandatory Post, Feels Good!

Ahhh it feels good knowing I can do this just because I want to. One of the reasons I’m writing this is to distract myself from the task at hand, studying! Really who likes studying? Maybe I would if it was of my own free will right? That won’t happen until I’m out of school though. Oh yea, and I really really miss Courtney! We are getting closer to being together, and it feels like forever until next Saturday when she comes home to me without having to leave again, so close!

I have just one more final exam on Monday, the last possible exam day, it’s accounting, and it’s at 7pm. Definitely my first pick of exam times. Not. I’ve made it through all the others without too much difficulty, although I wouldn’t say the same in the few panicked hours before each of the exams. I really felt good about the first one though, we were allowed a cheat sheet.

The whole cheat sheet idea was great for relieving anxiety before a test, it actually stopped me from having too many nervous trips to the bathroom for number-two false alarms. Probably too much information, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets super nervous and thinks that churning feeling in your stomach is something else. I felt very confident right up until the moment I got out of my truck at the university and reached into my pocket to feel for that stress reducing piece of paper. It must have fallen out! 

This inspired me, if I ever became a teacher, to try something to help students with stress during exams and tests. Let them know beforehand that they can make a cheat sheet, so they don’t feel like they need to hide under a rock and die a little inside until they get that test in front of them, and then just collect it before it starts! It’s pretty consistent that you really don’t need to remember much from what you put on the sheet, just the act of doing so with very careful, and very small writing, seems to sink most of it into your brain. Now this trick would only work once, and your students would never trust you again, but it might be a fun experiment! 

I actually felt really good about that particular test, so maybe there’s something to it! Maybe I should just leave the teaching skills to my future wife, who you know, went to school to learn how to do it right!

Courtney is basically done with all her school now, she is just counting the seconds until this next week is over. She has already walked for graduation, had all her final observations, and just needs to come home to me now! We will be busy right out of the gate basement suite and apartment hunting, we don’t want to live with our parents! 

Once she is back, she never has to go anywhere for any extended period of time, I CAN’T WAIT! I’m certain that my happiness is in direct relation to the physical proximity of my sweetheart, the smaller the distance, the happier of a camper I am! 

More updates to come as we get closer to the wedding, to say that we are excited is well, a gross understatement! 



The Last Post, For Now

We’ve made it to the final post that is required for my professional writing class. 29 posts laster, I’ve had a pretty good experience with this whole blogging thing. I’ve got to write about my Courtney, who I could write about a dote on for much longer than I’m sure many of you care to hear. I’ll share some of my experiences with blogging thus far, and why it’s been fun!

At first I thought I would have a plethora of material by commenting on the wedding planning process from the grooms perspective, but as I started writing, I found myself gravitating away from that and just talking about how much I love and miss Courtney. Eww gross I know, cooties for everyone, but I just couldn’t help myself! 

I’ve never been much of a journal keeper, always intending to write down my thoughts on a regular basis, the actual result ending in a two or three day stint and then silence. The longest stretch I’ve ever kept a consistent journal before now was when I was a missionary down on the Navajo reservation for two years, and it was a great way to sort all my thoughts out.

Writing on a public stage I don’t put down my innermost thoughts, but as for my feelings for my fiancé, I have no problem sharing those with the world. Blogging and social media are todays mountains from which I can tell the whole world about my beautiful soon to be wife, and that I can’t do enough! I think I will keep writing on here, building up to the big day, which is getting so close! 

I’ve grown to like blogging enough, that I will probably continue writing, but in the future, perhaps my wife and I (oh boy that sounds cool!) can team blog about the married life and our little family! Just last night Court was telling me that she hasn’t really found any husband and wife co-written blogs, and we considered that maybe attempting that could end in problems! Not for us though, if we do tackle that, we will definitely have the best of times writing together(my honeymoon stage started early, and isn’t going to end!).

That’s all for today, we’ll see how good I am about blogging without the promise of a good grade! It’s been a really good experience, and I sure do love my sweetheart, just counting down to when I get to be with her, like always! 

Saturdays Could Be Sooo Productive

My list of things I should do today:

1. Write another blog post

2. Workout so I’m not fat for Courtney come wedding time

3. Rework my portion of our final research report into the correct format…or rather think about doing it

4. Go to the fridge in the hopes of finding something different to snack on than the last time I checked(about 20 minutes ago)

5. “Pine” and miss Courtney. It should be noted that this particular item isn’t in any particular order, it’s just throughout and in-between all the others.

6. Have second thoughts about creating a list. I feel obligated to make at least 10 items to make my day look somewhat productive

7. Go for a motorcycle ride as a reward for finishing my research project

8. Realize I need to actually finish the project and that I got ahead of myself

9. Finish the project!

10. The prize for completing the list? Getting to Skype my gorgeous fiancé!


What I’ve learned from doing this list for my Saturday is that I could probably reduce both the number of items and the length of time it takes to do most of them if Courtney was here. There’s something very special about having my significant other around. The short time we actually get to be together, which is on our weekend or week long marathon dates, we get so much done! 

A common topic that comes through our messages throughout each Saturday is how much we would love to even just do errands with each other. We’ve had a couple of chances to do some grocery shopping, getting wedding stuff ready, and it almost, almost feels like we are really playing house like grown-ups! Every Saturday I’ve been able to spend with her is like a window into the future of what it might be like to be married. Neither of us has been married before(figured that was a given, but these days you never know!), so the chance to do all these little things together is something I miss when she is away.

I’ve never counted down to something so eagerly in my life. The weekends we are apart are disappearing, and even though they feel like molasses passing through a tightly woven strainer, I feel as though the time will pass faster as we get closer. Then my Saturday to-do list probably won’t get any shorter, or it will be replaced all together by a “honey-do” list, which right now sounds awesome! You can definitely tell I’m still freshly and hopelessly in love when a honey-do list sounds like fun, talk to my dad about his list, it has no ending and doesn’t seem to be quite as exciting for him. I’ll never get bored of mine!   Words of a naive husband to be perhaps? Nope, that’s ridiculous! I’ll love doing things for her for the rest of forever!

The Last Time

Long distance has been a rather unpleasant friend when it has come to Court and I. It’s that friend that you really aren’t friends with, more of an acquaintance that you met at a party, exchanged a few words with, and had a distinct impression in the first 30 seconds you didn’t like them. Long Distance doesn’t really give you any particular reason not to like them, just their presence kinda weirds you out, and they try and jump in every time you try to gather the courage to talk to that really cute girl!

Hopefully you’re attention is hooked enough for me to drop the analogy, I have a tendency to get lost in my own metaphors, so I know the you all won’t stand a chance if I can’t follow them! Today was the last time my not so dear friend long distance got in the way of a big event in our lives, so I count that as a good day!

The big event was Court was able to walk for her graduation to become a teacher! The cap and gown, the speeches, the whole nine yards! If it hadn’t been my last week of classes before exams, as well as a very busy work week, I would have made the trek along with her family, but never again. Our final thoughts we messaged each other as she was getting ready to walk across the stage were that this is the last big event that we have to be apart for. Unless one of us wins the lottery in the next 21 days, or I become President of a foreign country by accident, every big accomplishment we get to share together, in person!

Now she didn’t actually receive the full on certificate, apparently they don’t get the official paperwork until grades are posted, wouldn’t want a runaway bride before she’s finished the next three weeks of teaching (there’s a very real possibility of that, we’ve talked about it multiple times!). From the pictures that she sent me and talking to her before everything got rolling she looked and sounded very happy to finally be graduating, taking it all in graceful stride as she does with everything. 

What made the day even better for her was having her entire family together, being reunited with her brother who just returned home serving as a missionary for 2 years, the timing of which had kept them apart for over 3 years, a happy reunion indeed! I know family is important to both of us, and any time where we are all together as us kids get older is always a good thing.

So, that awkward friend that isn’t really a friend won’t be able to jump in and stop me from talking to this cute girl once and for all, I’m really hoping for a date. You never know, she could be the one I will marry, crazy thought right? I can’t wait for the days that we get to spend together, where we get to share all the big, and the small things, every single day.

She Even Helps With School!

I’m in the final week of regular classes, papers are due, group assignments are frantically being thrown together, and the threat of exam stress is looming, and I’m really not that worried. Maybe I should be, and probably will be when each test gets closer, but for now I’m just enjoying being engaged, with my biggest worry being how hard it is to be away from my fiancé. When she did come and visit, although we did distract each other in our own little gushy love world, I actually accomplished a lot!

She had her final report project to do as well, albeit with a little more riding on it, it needed to be prefect just to satisfy her, and to make sure she graduates! I’m happy to report that she passed with flying colours on her work sample, she even let me help her by sifting through the many tests and assignments that her students did over the unit that she taught. Boy was that a lot of work, and I didn’t even get involved until the very end, I have a new found appreciation for teachers and the work they do now that I’m going to marry one!

I had an accounting mid term that week that I HAD to do well on, as the first one was a bit of a surprise. Seen as I am in the business program, I really should be more comfortable with accounting, but thus far it has been one of my most stressful classes. I have nothing against the professor, which can be an easy path of blame when college students aren’t quite catching the course material, it’s just tricky to get the format down when there’s no one holding your hand.

Being that Courtney has been a student in post secondary education for 7 years, one of the many things she is amazing at is knowing how to buckle down and study! We spent the day prior to my exam working on our perspective projects, going for about 40 minutes at a time before taking some kind of break. It worked wonderfully, and I couldn’t be happier studying with my beautiful future wife beside me! It was a fun flash into the future imagining that this same situation could be happening when we are finally married. Her stress ball of a husband will be panic studying, and she will keep me calm and provide the best of study breaks, snuggles!

The final result? Class average was 59%, and I nailed a respectful 82%. I couldn’t have done it without my gorgeous study buddy, she can help me with school any time!

Eloping, Still Joking..Right?

I’m on a post a day until Sunday to make the final blog post requirement for this assignment, so you all will be subjected to whatever random loosely related topics I can come up with until then! This one I owe to my fiancé though, my creative juices were running dry for the evening after a long day at work, and hey, it’s my blog, so why not! We’ve talked about it enough, so why not mention eloping here!

We haven’t been able to track down the very first time we joked about eloping, although we know it certainly was very early in our relationship. I can’t quite place if it was joked about in person or over a text message, the latter being the a pretty likely place if any as that was an easy form of communication between countries. Court sifted through a good number of our messages to try and find where it all started(there’s a lot to go through), she found some good stuff we could think back on and laugh about in the process.

Looking back that far it feels like it was so long ago, because we hardly knew each other at the time. Now I feel like there hasn’t been a time where I haven’t known Courtney, and I can’t imagine any version of my life where she isn’t woven through every fibre. It probably feels like such a far away place because we have gone leaps and bounds as far as relationships go, you know, getting engaged to be married and all. In most cultures, that’s what the call a “big deal”.

The jokes about eloping really started the idea roaming around in my head. At first I think it was an innocent joke, but with a closer look, I’m starting to think it was my subconscious doing some probing before I even knew that that was what I wanted! The frequency of the joke started to increase as time went on, even throwing it at both sets of parents to try and get a rise out of them, and maybe even preparing them for when we got really serious and talked about getting married.

With the introduction of engagement and wedding planning, eloping has seemed like a very real possibility! Just when we think we can’t do it, (not just the planning part) when we can’t stand to be apart any longer, eloping seems like a very rational idea. I told Courtney tonight that with just being paid today, I thought I could get us each a one way ticket to Thailand for our elopement, and we would be stuck there until I could scrounge up enough money to make our way back! That would allow enough time to pass for our families to cool off a bit, hah!

We’ve done the whole 8 months of our relationship long distance in one form or another, so to quit now would be pretty impressive. We won’t do that though, we are going to stick it out, we can definitely make it to our special day. All the planning and waiting will be well worth the wait, but that certainly won’t stop us from joking about eloping just like we did about getting married, they just go hand in hand. Being that this is a wedding planning blog, it would be an interesting turn of events if we really did elope, but don’t worry, we won’t do it! (at least today…)

Registering for Gifts and Such!

One of the adventures that I was able to experience with my Courtney was registering for wedding gifts. I had seen such things on friends wedding announcements, I just thought it was a a strange declaration to tell the world those two things together. “Hey we are getting married! We are also registered at Bed Bath and Beyond!” Apparently this is a common thing these days, and it was actually pretty fun! Registering is something I would have no clue how to do on my own, but thankfully with the help of my fiancé and the staff at the prior mentioned store, it was easy!

When we first entered the store, I couldn’t help but think about Adam Sandler’s movie “Click” and his powerful universal remote. I was tempted to ask about the beyond section, but being that shopping is my kryptonite I figured the less time spent in there the better. The lady was very helpful, there is a side area once you enter the store that is dedicated to wedding registries, complete with cozy chairs, complementary water bottles, and displays of nice dishes(I suppose they are china…I don’t really know the difference!).

We went to two stores, one in her home town and mine, over her visit, and all the employees that helped us had the same kind of direction to give us, showing some good all around training. They offered to help, even guide us around the store telling us all the details about various products, which we took the first lady up on as we felt a little overwhelmed! I never thought I could learn so much about non-stick cooking ware, she educated us like a champ!

After a little more help we felt brave enough to strike out on our own, wielding the scanner like a laser tag gun(at least when I got to hold it). I would like to compare my experience with registering like the first time I went on a cruise ship. Any of you who have been on one knows just how much food is available, and how if you are undecided on two different entrées, they just bring you both! You start the cruise being very polite, only eating as much as you need, but by the end, you are ordering a couple appetizers, two entrées, and just as many or more desserts. Registering started out much the same, with me constantly thinking how expensive something was, or how we could do without.

It took some training, but my fiancé finally convinced me that we weren’t the ones buying these things, they were really just gift ideas that were really easy to find for those attending our wedding! Once that was firmly set in my mind, I had no problem scanning all the things it takes to start a home, and there was way more than I thought there was. I am so grateful for both of our parents going to all the trouble to have these receptions for us so we can even receive some help to start off, I don’t think we could do it otherwise!

Overall it was a really good experience, and was a fun date! We found out we liked a lot of the same appliances, bed linens, towels, and all kinds of things that were far from my mind. Registering is a great way to give some pointed suggestions to those attending, that way you don’t receive too many of the same gift, and you get a good idea of what kinds of things you need to have to start out before you get married and learn how to live together! In the end, I think I could get used to registering, it’s not quite kryptonite for me, I had some wonderful backup from Court and Bed, Bath and Beyond!