The Last Time

Long distance has been a rather unpleasant friend when it has come to Court and I. It’s that friend that you really aren’t friends with, more of an acquaintance that you met at a party, exchanged a few words with, and had a distinct impression in the first 30 seconds you didn’t like them. Long Distance doesn’t really give you any particular reason not to like them, just their presence kinda weirds you out, and they try and jump in every time you try to gather the courage to talk to that really cute girl!

Hopefully you’re attention is hooked enough for me to drop the analogy, I have a tendency to get lost in my own metaphors, so I know the you all won’t stand a chance if I can’t follow them! Today was the last time my not so dear friend long distance got in the way of a big event in our lives, so I count that as a good day!

The big event was Court was able to walk for her graduation to become a teacher! The cap and gown, the speeches, the whole nine yards! If it hadn’t been my last week of classes before exams, as well as a very busy work week, I would have made the trek along with her family, but never again. Our final thoughts we messaged each other as she was getting ready to walk across the stage were that this is the last big event that we have to be apart for. Unless one of us wins the lottery in the next 21 days, or I become President of a foreign country by accident, every big accomplishment we get to share together, in person!

Now she didn’t actually receive the full on certificate, apparently they don’t get the official paperwork until grades are posted, wouldn’t want a runaway bride before she’s finished the next three weeks of teaching (there’s a very real possibility of that, we’ve talked about it multiple times!). From the pictures that she sent me and talking to her before everything got rolling she looked and sounded very happy to finally be graduating, taking it all in graceful stride as she does with everything. 

What made the day even better for her was having her entire family together, being reunited with her brother who just returned home serving as a missionary for 2 years, the timing of which had kept them apart for over 3 years, a happy reunion indeed! I know family is important to both of us, and any time where we are all together as us kids get older is always a good thing.

So, that awkward friend that isn’t really a friend won’t be able to jump in and stop me from talking to this cute girl once and for all, I’m really hoping for a date. You never know, she could be the one I will marry, crazy thought right? I can’t wait for the days that we get to spend together, where we get to share all the big, and the small things, every single day.