The Last Time

Long distance has been a rather unpleasant friend when it has come to Court and I. It’s that friend that you really aren’t friends with, more of an acquaintance that you met at a party, exchanged a few words with, and had a distinct impression in the first 30 seconds you didn’t like them. Long Distance doesn’t really give you any particular reason not to like them, just their presence kinda weirds you out, and they try and jump in every time you try to gather the courage to talk to that really cute girl!

Hopefully you’re attention is hooked enough for me to drop the analogy, I have a tendency to get lost in my own metaphors, so I know the you all won’t stand a chance if I can’t follow them! Today was the last time my not so dear friend long distance got in the way of a big event in our lives, so I count that as a good day!

The big event was Court was able to walk for her graduation to become a teacher! The cap and gown, the speeches, the whole nine yards! If it hadn’t been my last week of classes before exams, as well as a very busy work week, I would have made the trek along with her family, but never again. Our final thoughts we messaged each other as she was getting ready to walk across the stage were that this is the last big event that we have to be apart for. Unless one of us wins the lottery in the next 21 days, or I become President of a foreign country by accident, every big accomplishment we get to share together, in person!

Now she didn’t actually receive the full on certificate, apparently they don’t get the official paperwork until grades are posted, wouldn’t want a runaway bride before she’s finished the next three weeks of teaching (there’s a very real possibility of that, we’ve talked about it multiple times!). From the pictures that she sent me and talking to her before everything got rolling she looked and sounded very happy to finally be graduating, taking it all in graceful stride as she does with everything. 

What made the day even better for her was having her entire family together, being reunited with her brother who just returned home serving as a missionary for 2 years, the timing of which had kept them apart for over 3 years, a happy reunion indeed! I know family is important to both of us, and any time where we are all together as us kids get older is always a good thing.

So, that awkward friend that isn’t really a friend won’t be able to jump in and stop me from talking to this cute girl once and for all, I’m really hoping for a date. You never know, she could be the one I will marry, crazy thought right? I can’t wait for the days that we get to spend together, where we get to share all the big, and the small things, every single day.


She Even Helps With School!

I’m in the final week of regular classes, papers are due, group assignments are frantically being thrown together, and the threat of exam stress is looming, and I’m really not that worried. Maybe I should be, and probably will be when each test gets closer, but for now I’m just enjoying being engaged, with my biggest worry being how hard it is to be away from my fiancé. When she did come and visit, although we did distract each other in our own little gushy love world, I actually accomplished a lot!

She had her final report project to do as well, albeit with a little more riding on it, it needed to be prefect just to satisfy her, and to make sure she graduates! I’m happy to report that she passed with flying colours on her work sample, she even let me help her by sifting through the many tests and assignments that her students did over the unit that she taught. Boy was that a lot of work, and I didn’t even get involved until the very end, I have a new found appreciation for teachers and the work they do now that I’m going to marry one!

I had an accounting mid term that week that I HAD to do well on, as the first one was a bit of a surprise. Seen as I am in the business program, I really should be more comfortable with accounting, but thus far it has been one of my most stressful classes. I have nothing against the professor, which can be an easy path of blame when college students aren’t quite catching the course material, it’s just tricky to get the format down when there’s no one holding your hand.

Being that Courtney has been a student in post secondary education for 7 years, one of the many things she is amazing at is knowing how to buckle down and study! We spent the day prior to my exam working on our perspective projects, going for about 40 minutes at a time before taking some kind of break. It worked wonderfully, and I couldn’t be happier studying with my beautiful future wife beside me! It was a fun flash into the future imagining that this same situation could be happening when we are finally married. Her stress ball of a husband will be panic studying, and she will keep me calm and provide the best of study breaks, snuggles!

The final result? Class average was 59%, and I nailed a respectful 82%. I couldn’t have done it without my gorgeous study buddy, she can help me with school any time!


I’ve had my parents on my mind lately, and all the sacrifices they have made in order to give me the wonderful life experiences.  Deciding to become a parent has to be one of the most selfless acts one could ever participate in.  I know I have touched on this in a past post in regards to how wonderful women are in choosing to have children and make the sacrifice to raise them, but I felt I needed to make a “shout out” to my parents in particular for how great they are!

As us kids are all moving on in life, I’ve been trying to convince my dad that he needs to downsize all the toys and such that we have enjoyed for so many years, like a travel trailer, boat, a trailer spot at the lake, all of these things have made so many good memories for me over the years.  I think about how hard both my parents have worked to make sure we’ve done so many things as a family, I wouldn’t trade my childhood and early adulthood for anything else.  Although my parents aren’t perfect, as none of us are, I would say they did a perfect job at making sure we did everything we wanted as they could provide it.

They encouraged us to follow anything that interested us, always supporting us in our hobbies and anything else we were engaged in.  My mom spending hours driving my sister back and forth from dance classes, sometimes 6 days a week, and recently she continues to volunteer at the dance festival as a writer for the adjudicators, paying back for the other dance moms that did the same thing for my sister for her years performing.  They continue to help her follow her dreams of working in the music and acting industry, still driving to see her performances, but now they go even further to Vancouver, a 4 hour drive!

Family vacations have always been something that we look back on in fondness.  They weren’t always elaborate destinations, although they did make the effort to take us on 2 cruises over the past few years, knowing the family was soon to be changing with us kids growing up.  Even just short trips to visit family or to go to a nearby water park to spend time together have all made for great memories.  I will always look back on those with happiness, and more importantly I want to do those types of things for and with my future family!

To keep this post brief I couldn’t begin to name all the wonderful things my parents have done for all of us, but I’m sure I could write a good sized novel if I were to tackle such a task.  Their example of how they raised us and what we did as a family will never leave me, and I am so grateful for having a great pattern to follow and somehow improve upon with Courtney and our future minions.  I can’t ever thank my parents enough for all the amazing things they’ve done for me, but hopefully this can make a tiny dent in the mountain of gratitude I owe them.

Who Says Traditional is Bad?

Yet again I will be deviating from my course of wedding planning, so I shall officially say that this blog will forever have some of my thoughts on loosely related topics and that’s the way it’s going to stay!  My intro to anthropology class has been causing the old wheels up there to turn some, and I figured I could sort out some of my thoughts here.   The topic of discussion this past week has touched on some very volatile subjects over the course of a couple weeks.  Marriage, family, gender, sexuality, all the fun stuff!  The roles of men and women vary across all cultures, but I feel some things are just meant to be by divine design, or by chance if that’s where your beliefs lie.

One of the ways of thinking that we were what felt like forbidden to ever fall into was an ethnocentric point of view when observing and evaluating other cultures.  This was a new word for me, and as far as I understood it it follows that we shouldn’t view other cultures through what is acceptable in ours, or to have as unbiased observations as possible.  With this in mind, I felt my professor may have been falling into that same trap, although in her defence, it was across time and not cultures.

We talked about the changing roles of men and women over time, in particular the advertising targeted at children.  Usually boys commercials are full of guns, swords, building and destroying things, whereas girls are stuck with barbies and Easy-Bake ovens.  While I am the first to admit that women are the definitely more talented and capable gender in whatever they choose to do, I may be a little of a traditionalist when it comes to my thoughts on what I would like for my future family.

Although most homes have to have two incomes coming in now to keep up with our lifestyles, I would like to try my hardest to be able to provide for my family so that my wife will be able to devote as much time and attention to our minions(its a term of endearment for our future children) as possible.  The current train of thought that women can do anything they want, I 100% agree with!  But will I be in deep politically incorrect trouble for thinking that maybe men and women are perhaps naturally better at some things than the other?  Would I be safe to say that maybe the mother that carried the child for 9 months and went through the effort of giving birth(for which I can never thank my dear mother enough for, 29 hours is a lifetime of mom and son dates to pay back!) might be a little more invested than a man?  Would I be wrong to think that perhaps the women who choose to be mothers are naturally more caring, nurturing, and perfectly selfless for giving themselves completely to the most important task of raising the future generation?

Call me old fashioned, but I think we shouldn’t ignore that natural abilities and talents that each gender has been given.  Who’s to say the blurring of lines between gender roles is necessarily a good thing, and who’s to say that the way families used to be organized was a bad thing?  I’m not talking about the extremes where men rule all powerful and women are belittled and abused, I’m talking about the times when a husband and wife work together, using each others natural strengths to make up for one another’s weaknesses.  The “old fashioned” ways produced a stabile and productive families, which are rapidly diminishing in the current trend of making careers first, and families second, third, or when it’s convenient.  What’s changed since the old days?  Maybe society has.  Part of what I want in my future marriage is the adding of two people together to create something greater than either one of us could have completed on our own.