An Interesting Exercise

The same class and reason I started this blog put me through my literary paces again this past week, and I learned a thing or two, fancy that! Of course I had to involve the recent events that consume all of my idle and active thoughts in class, so my fiancé came to mind when my “Coach” (our professor encourages us to call him that) told us at the beginning of class to just start writing about something positive.

The initial instructions he gave us were fairly vague, as he does most times, surely on purpose as to not snuff out our creativity. Coach informed us that we were to be writing a letter, like a real letter you would put in the actual mail box, to a dear friend to share this positive thing with. This wasn’t to be graded, but that was all the information he gave us, and so I started to write about how I had met this wonderful girl and how I became engaged to her.

My thoughts weren’t the most organized as I put them down, trying to imagine which dear friend I would share the news with that somehow had been trapped under a rock that didn’t have access to Facebook. I was a cut a bit short so our professor could move on to the next part of the exercise, so I wrapped my thoughts up mostly skipping the gushy romance part, assuming my technologically orphaned and fictional friend was a male I’m guessing.

The next task was to write on the exact same topic, but to someone who was at least a generation older and as close as family, like a grandparent. I chose my grandmother to write to, and immediately I noticed my writing style changed. Knowing that she is very proper with her grammar and spelling, my “letter” magically had much more structure and I found myself using some proper sentences! I do think this was also aided by it being the second time I could write about this event, but I did leave out certain details that I assumed my grandma already knew as the family grape vine moves juicy information along rather quickly. I also found myself drawing parallels to how I wanted to follow her and my grandpa’s example in seeing how much they cared for one another, and wanting that for Courtney and I.

The final part of the exercise was to again write on the same thing, but to a perspective boss. Coach explained that this wasn’t an unheard of task for a job application, as he had knowledge of an employer that would have hopeful employees write on the spot on various topics to determine if they would be hired, even if the job didn’t require those exact skills. I kept this letter less sappy,(as much as is possible when talking about engagement to my soulmate) and more professional. I also used more professional language, probably trying to impress my would-be boss with all the skills I acquired from my professional writing class! I still managed to end on a romantic note, couldn’t help myself there!

All-in-all it was a neat way to see how I would have explained that event to different people, especially in how it affected my writing style. I ended up sharing it with Courtney, she seemed to enjoy it, and it made me glad that I was given the opportunity to brag about my beautiful fiancé in class! So, if you are looking for a fun way to write about a positive event, even romantic one, it’s almost like surprising yourself in seeing how you communicate with different people. I love nothing more than showing off my Courtney in any medium, she’s just too perfect to keep all to myself!


How I Proposed


The Proposal

As I was scanning through my past posts, looking for inspiration on what I could blog about today, it occurred to me that I hadn’t described how I proposed. Being that this is a wedding themed blog, that’s probably an appropriate topic don’t you think?

Being a person that has a phobia of giving gifts, this was a little stressful trying to come up with the perfect way to propose to Courtney. Heightening my ill-placed anxiety more was the realization that this wasn’t just a birthday present or valentines gift that would be forgotten in the years to come, this thing only happens once! I shouldn’t call it an actually phobia, but I do have this irrational fear of giving a gift, and having the receiver think internally in their mind that they don’t like the gift, but thank me as if it was the most thoughtful gift ever. You all know you’ve been guilty of doing it, it’s human nature to be nice to each other!

I should have known better than to worry, as my wife-to-be is the sweetest and most kind person I have ever met(unless she is just extra sneaky with the gift receiving!). She assured me that whatever I got her would be perfect, and I knew that she would be happy to be proposed to in any way, probably just hoping that I would do it sooner rather than later.

I had to wait until Christmas Eve to finally propose, as I was in Hawaii with some friends, and couldn’t help but slipping out my secret to them to stop myself from bursting. My mom gave me the initial idea from a pinterest post. Someone had super imposed large print letters over pictures of the couple and spelt out the words “will you marry me” on blocks that were arranged just so. Knowing that my fiancé is a smart school teacher, I figured I could step it up and give the blocks to her and have her arrange them to find the not so hidden message herself!

She came to my house that evening, the same day I arrived home after a long red-eye flight and a 4 hour drive from the Vancouver airport. My family had a few small gifts to give her, which wasn’t a strange thing as she was going back to her family that same night to have Christmas morning with them the next day. My gift was last, I was nervous and excited!

My dad and brother were watching “helicopter” videos on their iPhones, when really they were just diverting attention from the fact that their phones were pointed at Courtney and I while she was arranging the blocks, filming the whole thing! I’d grabbed the ring from the other room, and didn’t have much time to compose myself, she had figured out the word “marry” in record time.

Court finished having all the blocks arranged on the ground, I dropped to one knee, and the rest is history! Oh and I gave her a last block that wasn’t in the box, one side said “yes”, and the other said “no”, just for a gag(I was really hoping she would use the right side!). She’s my sweetheart forever and ever, and I can’t wait until it’s official!

Not Quite Productive Citizens

I had the distinct thought today that Courtney and I really need to get married so we can contribute to society and leave our all consuming bubble of love and longing. It is so hard to be away from her when I just love her more and more every day! I have some advice to any who are considering long distance engagements, just elope, it will be less difficult!

Probably what stemmed this intense sense of longing as I woke up this morning was having another “man night” with a couple of friends, which cut my nightly chat with my sweetheart short. Instead, we talked about trucks, engine sizes, gas prices, lift kits and mudding tires, and played some shoot ’em up bang bang video games, all very manly you see. I really can’t ever turn down a good guys night in, but nothing compares to being with my Courtney!

Yesterday just seemed to be pretty hectic between work, school, and other responsibilities, which really I can’t complain about, being busy is good for a love sick Tanner! However, I’m so love sick that all throughout those activities there’s this pervasive thought that doesn’t leave me, I love and miss Courtney. Contrast that feeling to how much I felt we both accomplished when she was actually here in person this past week, I know for a fact that we are both much more productive when we are together!

To conclude my thoughts, I have a proposal for the universe. Time can speed up to the part where I get to be with my sweetheart, even just to when she is up here and we can do all the last minute wedding planning stuff. There’s something about being in the same country as her that just sets my heart at ease, knowing that I can get to her whenever she needs me, and whenever I need her. Once time accommodates the desires of our hearts though, it can slow right down and take all the time it needs.

Suits and Such

So my sweet Courtney had to leave me again, back to go finish off the last stint of her practicum for teaching and receive her degree. I have to say, this week and a bit worth of a visit was great! Probably a good sign when we just love spending time with each other, even if it seems like we can’t be pried apart for much more than sleep and bathroom breaks. We got a few more wedding planning things done, so an update is in order.

We further discussed some colour schemes as far as my suit and the get-ups of the groomsmen.  This required some sneaky research to be done in stores that have suits. Usually I’m scared of salespeople…well actually that didn’t change after this outing, as we had to go into a little suit shop with no where to hide. When going through a larger department store with no one lurking there that wants to “help”, it’s easier to blend in and avoid discovery. They just stress me out! I don’t know what it is exactly, but I just don’t like saying no to people, and I don’t like saying yes when I have no intention of letting them convince me to buy something, so it just feels all wrong! It’s a good thing Courtney knows how to shop!

We were going to go with a grey of some kind to match the wedding colours, but on comparing some samples our wonderful seamstress provided(my mom!) from the bridesmaid dresses, a brown may actually work better. I’m secretly hoping this is the final decision so I get to go with the suit I already have, but suit shopping(when I actually intend on buying one) is actually probably the only kind of clothes shopping I actually enjoy. If you go to a good store, they make you feel all special, brushing your shoulders and making sure you look good and such. 

Everything seems like it is coming together, and the wedding doesn’t feel like it’s so far away anymore, which I am super grateful for! I have this sneaky feeling that as the time draws closer, the pressure will be on and then we will see how all the pieces come together into the grande finale. The climax of which will be the actual wedding, and I cannot wait to be with my sweetie officially!

Day Dates…The Express Lane to the Friend Zone!

IMG_9750If any of you have seen the movie “Just Friends” you’ll understand the inspiration for the title of this post. It’s one of my favourite movies, not just because I felt I was a consistent resident of the “friend zone”, but just because I think it’s funny! Having Courtney back for a visit has been AMAZING, each moment we get to spend together is just a blissful euphoria where all the worlds problems have no hold on us. It’s nice to actually date your fiancé a little bit once in a while as well. Our day date of choice yesterday, slack lining!

I have a new perspective on day dates since finding my soulmate, they really are the express lane to the friend zone, and from what I understand from all the sage advice I’ve received from older successful married couples, that’s exactly what you want.  I don’t know if it’s the fresh air, the opportunity to do active things together, but something about day dates really brings you closer together and somehow it’s a little different from an evening date.

Amidst the duties of visualizing the yard for the reception and asking for assistance at Staples to print inserts for invitations(which was fairly useless), we needed a break from planning, and needed a date! Courtney looked over at me and expressed that we needed to go and do something fun, of course I was all for an interlude from the world of wedding planning.

We had gone slack lining the first weekend we had met, and once when we first started dating, so this was a fun little flashback date! We went to a local park, found a spot that didn’t have too much in the way of foot traffic, and strung up a couple trees to have some fun.  Courtney keeps saying that she isn’t any good but she really does have a knack for it! She made it a whole four steps, with some pretty long pauses balancing in between. Anyone who has slack lined some knows those first three or four steps mean you pretty much have it, it’s just a mental game after that! It was a bit chilly, but we still had fun and boy is she cute when she’s determined to get something down! I’m betting she will be a pro in no time at all!

I really shouldn’t be amazed at how much more I love her after spending time with her, but just when I think I can’t love her more, it happens again! It was a fun little day date that just added to the already high flying balloon in my chest that accompanies all these loving feelings and such, this has been a wonderful visit so far and I can’t wait until it’s permanent! If you are looking for a fun way to get to know a potential soul mate, go on a day date, you may end up in the friend zone, and that’s a good thing!


I’ve had my parents on my mind lately, and all the sacrifices they have made in order to give me the wonderful life experiences.  Deciding to become a parent has to be one of the most selfless acts one could ever participate in.  I know I have touched on this in a past post in regards to how wonderful women are in choosing to have children and make the sacrifice to raise them, but I felt I needed to make a “shout out” to my parents in particular for how great they are!

As us kids are all moving on in life, I’ve been trying to convince my dad that he needs to downsize all the toys and such that we have enjoyed for so many years, like a travel trailer, boat, a trailer spot at the lake, all of these things have made so many good memories for me over the years.  I think about how hard both my parents have worked to make sure we’ve done so many things as a family, I wouldn’t trade my childhood and early adulthood for anything else.  Although my parents aren’t perfect, as none of us are, I would say they did a perfect job at making sure we did everything we wanted as they could provide it.

They encouraged us to follow anything that interested us, always supporting us in our hobbies and anything else we were engaged in.  My mom spending hours driving my sister back and forth from dance classes, sometimes 6 days a week, and recently she continues to volunteer at the dance festival as a writer for the adjudicators, paying back for the other dance moms that did the same thing for my sister for her years performing.  They continue to help her follow her dreams of working in the music and acting industry, still driving to see her performances, but now they go even further to Vancouver, a 4 hour drive!

Family vacations have always been something that we look back on in fondness.  They weren’t always elaborate destinations, although they did make the effort to take us on 2 cruises over the past few years, knowing the family was soon to be changing with us kids growing up.  Even just short trips to visit family or to go to a nearby water park to spend time together have all made for great memories.  I will always look back on those with happiness, and more importantly I want to do those types of things for and with my future family!

To keep this post brief I couldn’t begin to name all the wonderful things my parents have done for all of us, but I’m sure I could write a good sized novel if I were to tackle such a task.  Their example of how they raised us and what we did as a family will never leave me, and I am so grateful for having a great pattern to follow and somehow improve upon with Courtney and our future minions.  I can’t ever thank my parents enough for all the amazing things they’ve done for me, but hopefully this can make a tiny dent in the mountain of gratitude I owe them.

She’s here!

Oh how sweet it is to be reunited with my sweetheart!  Thursday had to be one of the longest days of school ever recorded(this counts as being recorded), and the drive to see Courtney at her parents place seemed to drag on.  All the waiting and missing seemed to dash itself away when she came to the front door and rushed past her own father to give me the biggest hug ever.  Thankfully she didn’t totally neglect him, but she sure made it to me faster than those cats from the commercials that jump two stories or through walls to get treats!

I think I was in some kind of “love shock” the first night we got to finally talk and visit in person.  I asked her to pinch me so I could make sure it was real, and that I wasn’t talking to her through a computer screen as the trend of our whole relationship has been.  No sudden pauses, loss of sound, pixelated images, it was wonderful!

Yesterday we got to go and do some cake testing?  I didn’t even know that was a thing, but the lovely lady had little forks out for us and a plate of filling and icing samples that we could chose from.  It was all very nice, and extra tasty!  There’s a whole lot more to wedding cakes than I ever could have guessed, that’s quite a business, and I sure appreciate them more seeing how much work has to go into them.

Now that my sweetheart is finally here I should have more material to talk about in regards to wedding planning, the trick will be pulling myself away from her long enough to write some blog posts about it!