How I Proposed

The Proposal

As I was scanning through my past posts, looking for inspiration on what I could blog about today, it occurred to me that I hadn’t described how I proposed. Being that this is a wedding themed blog, that’s probably an appropriate topic don’t you think?

Being a person that has a phobia of giving gifts, this was a little stressful trying to come up with the perfect way to propose to Courtney. Heightening my ill-placed anxiety more was the realization that this wasn’t just a birthday present or valentines gift that would be forgotten in the years to come, this thing only happens once! I shouldn’t call it an actually phobia, but I do have this irrational fear of giving a gift, and having the receiver think internally in their mind that they don’t like the gift, but thank me as if it was the most thoughtful gift ever. You all know you’ve been guilty of doing it, it’s human nature to be nice to each other!

I should have known better than to worry, as my wife-to-be is the sweetest and most kind person I have ever met(unless she is just extra sneaky with the gift receiving!). She assured me that whatever I got her would be perfect, and I knew that she would be happy to be proposed to in any way, probably just hoping that I would do it sooner rather than later.

I had to wait until Christmas Eve to finally propose, as I was in Hawaii with some friends, and couldn’t help but slipping out my secret to them to stop myself from bursting. My mom gave me the initial idea from a pinterest post. Someone had super imposed large print letters over pictures of the couple and spelt out the words “will you marry me” on blocks that were arranged just so. Knowing that my fiancé is a smart school teacher, I figured I could step it up and give the blocks to her and have her arrange them to find the not so hidden message herself!

She came to my house that evening, the same day I arrived home after a long red-eye flight and a 4 hour drive from the Vancouver airport. My family had a few small gifts to give her, which wasn’t a strange thing as she was going back to her family that same night to have Christmas morning with them the next day. My gift was last, I was nervous and excited!

My dad and brother were watching “helicopter” videos on their iPhones, when really they were just diverting attention from the fact that their phones were pointed at Courtney and I while she was arranging the blocks, filming the whole thing! I’d grabbed the ring from the other room, and didn’t have much time to compose myself, she had figured out the word “marry” in record time.

Court finished having all the blocks arranged on the ground, I dropped to one knee, and the rest is history! Oh and I gave her a last block that wasn’t in the box, one side said “yes”, and the other said “no”, just for a gag(I was really hoping she would use the right side!). She’s my sweetheart forever and ever, and I can’t wait until it’s official!


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