Not Quite Productive Citizens

I had the distinct thought today that Courtney and I really need to get married so we can contribute to society and leave our all consuming bubble of love and longing. It is so hard to be away from her when I just love her more and more every day! I have some advice to any who are considering long distance engagements, just elope, it will be less difficult!

Probably what stemmed this intense sense of longing as I woke up this morning was having another “man night” with a couple of friends, which cut my nightly chat with my sweetheart short. Instead, we talked about trucks, engine sizes, gas prices, lift kits and mudding tires, and played some shoot ’em up bang bang video games, all very manly you see. I really can’t ever turn down a good guys night in, but nothing compares to being with my Courtney!

Yesterday just seemed to be pretty hectic between work, school, and other responsibilities, which really I can’t complain about, being busy is good for a love sick Tanner! However, I’m so love sick that all throughout those activities there’s this pervasive thought that doesn’t leave me, I love and miss Courtney. Contrast that feeling to how much I felt we both accomplished when she was actually here in person this past week, I know for a fact that we are both much more productive when we are together!

To conclude my thoughts, I have a proposal for the universe. Time can speed up to the part where I get to be with my sweetheart, even just to when she is up here and we can do all the last minute wedding planning stuff. There’s something about being in the same country as her that just sets my heart at ease, knowing that I can get to her whenever she needs me, and whenever I need her. Once time accommodates the desires of our hearts though, it can slow right down and take all the time it needs.


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