Suits and Such

So my sweet Courtney had to leave me again, back to go finish off the last stint of her practicum for teaching and receive her degree. I have to say, this week and a bit worth of a visit was great! Probably a good sign when we just love spending time with each other, even if it seems like we can’t be pried apart for much more than sleep and bathroom breaks. We got a few more wedding planning things done, so an update is in order.

We further discussed some colour schemes as far as my suit and the get-ups of the groomsmen.  This required some sneaky research to be done in stores that have suits. Usually I’m scared of salespeople…well actually that didn’t change after this outing, as we had to go into a little suit shop with no where to hide. When going through a larger department store with no one lurking there that wants to “help”, it’s easier to blend in and avoid discovery. They just stress me out! I don’t know what it is exactly, but I just don’t like saying no to people, and I don’t like saying yes when I have no intention of letting them convince me to buy something, so it just feels all wrong! It’s a good thing Courtney knows how to shop!

We were going to go with a grey of some kind to match the wedding colours, but on comparing some samples our wonderful seamstress provided(my mom!) from the bridesmaid dresses, a brown may actually work better. I’m secretly hoping this is the final decision so I get to go with the suit I already have, but suit shopping(when I actually intend on buying one) is actually probably the only kind of clothes shopping I actually enjoy. If you go to a good store, they make you feel all special, brushing your shoulders and making sure you look good and such. 

Everything seems like it is coming together, and the wedding doesn’t feel like it’s so far away anymore, which I am super grateful for! I have this sneaky feeling that as the time draws closer, the pressure will be on and then we will see how all the pieces come together into the grande finale. The climax of which will be the actual wedding, and I cannot wait to be with my sweetie officially!


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