She’s here!

Oh how sweet it is to be reunited with my sweetheart!  Thursday had to be one of the longest days of school ever recorded(this counts as being recorded), and the drive to see Courtney at her parents place seemed to drag on.  All the waiting and missing seemed to dash itself away when she came to the front door and rushed past her own father to give me the biggest hug ever.  Thankfully she didn’t totally neglect him, but she sure made it to me faster than those cats from the commercials that jump two stories or through walls to get treats!

I think I was in some kind of “love shock” the first night we got to finally talk and visit in person.  I asked her to pinch me so I could make sure it was real, and that I wasn’t talking to her through a computer screen as the trend of our whole relationship has been.  No sudden pauses, loss of sound, pixelated images, it was wonderful!

Yesterday we got to go and do some cake testing?  I didn’t even know that was a thing, but the lovely lady had little forks out for us and a plate of filling and icing samples that we could chose from.  It was all very nice, and extra tasty!  There’s a whole lot more to wedding cakes than I ever could have guessed, that’s quite a business, and I sure appreciate them more seeing how much work has to go into them.

Now that my sweetheart is finally here I should have more material to talk about in regards to wedding planning, the trick will be pulling myself away from her long enough to write some blog posts about it!


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