I’ve had my parents on my mind lately, and all the sacrifices they have made in order to give me the wonderful life experiences.  Deciding to become a parent has to be one of the most selfless acts one could ever participate in.  I know I have touched on this in a past post in regards to how wonderful women are in choosing to have children and make the sacrifice to raise them, but I felt I needed to make a “shout out” to my parents in particular for how great they are!

As us kids are all moving on in life, I’ve been trying to convince my dad that he needs to downsize all the toys and such that we have enjoyed for so many years, like a travel trailer, boat, a trailer spot at the lake, all of these things have made so many good memories for me over the years.  I think about how hard both my parents have worked to make sure we’ve done so many things as a family, I wouldn’t trade my childhood and early adulthood for anything else.  Although my parents aren’t perfect, as none of us are, I would say they did a perfect job at making sure we did everything we wanted as they could provide it.

They encouraged us to follow anything that interested us, always supporting us in our hobbies and anything else we were engaged in.  My mom spending hours driving my sister back and forth from dance classes, sometimes 6 days a week, and recently she continues to volunteer at the dance festival as a writer for the adjudicators, paying back for the other dance moms that did the same thing for my sister for her years performing.  They continue to help her follow her dreams of working in the music and acting industry, still driving to see her performances, but now they go even further to Vancouver, a 4 hour drive!

Family vacations have always been something that we look back on in fondness.  They weren’t always elaborate destinations, although they did make the effort to take us on 2 cruises over the past few years, knowing the family was soon to be changing with us kids growing up.  Even just short trips to visit family or to go to a nearby water park to spend time together have all made for great memories.  I will always look back on those with happiness, and more importantly I want to do those types of things for and with my future family!

To keep this post brief I couldn’t begin to name all the wonderful things my parents have done for all of us, but I’m sure I could write a good sized novel if I were to tackle such a task.  Their example of how they raised us and what we did as a family will never leave me, and I am so grateful for having a great pattern to follow and somehow improve upon with Courtney and our future minions.  I can’t ever thank my parents enough for all the amazing things they’ve done for me, but hopefully this can make a tiny dent in the mountain of gratitude I owe them.


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