Can’t Wait to See Her!

I feel like I am barely holding on to the edge of a cliff waiting for my beautiful fiancé to come and visit again!  We have continued doing more wedding planning stuff, planning more of the fun part, the honeymoon!  Actually I have my mom to thank for that, the travel agent extraordinaire!  That’s probably my favourite part about all the wedding planning, because I know I will be with my sweetie with no distractions!  I really do have to pay homage to the wonders of technology for taking the edge off while we are apart, I couldn’t do without them, they aid in my addiction!

Being apart from Courtney has been brutal.  If I can make a parallel with having an addiction to something good, once you’ve experienced that thing you feel like anything less is just sub par and doesn’t make you any where near as happy as you could be.  Being with my best friend I know is the happiest I have ever been in my entire life, and once we are apart like this, there’s only so many distractions that can hold my attention until I remember how much I miss her.

Although, I will cherish every single second I get to be with her, and for that I am very grateful.  If there’s one thing I can say for long periods of time apart, they do make you appreciate the other person and all the things they do for you, even if it’s just their presence.  Another thing I have missed greatly is being able to do those little things like holding her hand, putting my arm around her when she’s had a tough day teaching, because I feel like my words only have so much power through a computer screen.  

I really shouldn’t complain too much, and just be grateful that we have the technology that we can actually see each other while we talk, not to mention that it is instantaneous and practically free.  I couldn’t imagine having to be apart and not having that capability.  I heard on the radio this week about an incident where a Canadian Navy vessel was stranded with mechanical issues, and a woman came on the radio to talk about how difficult it had been for her fiancé that was aboard.  They were only allowed a brief satellite phone call once during the period thus far, because the ship had to run on generators supplied by the US Navy.  The crew would have to stay with their ship until the repairs could be properly assessed and dealt with before they could come home.

It’s interesting how dependant we have become on technology, and when it doesn’t work, I’ve actually found myself quite bitter and unreasonable in a situation that people in the good old days would have laughed at.  Oh my wifi is acting up and my fiancé is a little pixelated?  Awe muffin!  Maybe I should try sending a letter by giving it to the post master, who will then give it to the courier that will take a HORSE and try and get my little paper full of thoughts to someone that I love.  

So, those are my thoughts for the day, loving her more each day just makes the next one seem further away, but they are counting down! I can’t be grateful enough for technology and how much it has helped us to continue to strengthen our relationship and support each other, even if we aren’t always able to do the simple physical aspects like a simple hug or other such comforts.  The wedding planning continues, and the countdown could please speed up a little bit!


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