Update! More house stuff!

My fiancé came up with the cutest idea since we decided to get married and she decided to torture us with a countdown on her phone, building a time machine!  As much as I would love to, and I could probably draw up some plans on a napkin, there is just no where to get parts for such a device.  That is rather unfortunate, but I suppose it wouldn’t be fair if we could skip all of this wonderful character building experience right?  That aside, figured I would put up a quick update on house hunting and our experience thus far.

We had initially considered buying a home being that I had some savings and where we live, first time home buyers only need to put 5% down on house.  While we could probably swing that on an apartment or teeny tiny house, we decided against it initially until we had settled in and actually seen what we liked and didn’t like with a place that is a little less permanent.  I also have a good friend who was recently married who did just that, renting out the upstairs of the home, which is the only way I would have done it, and while they are paying a good portion of his mortgage, there’s all kinds of costs with owning a home.  Apparently when things break, they cost money to fix, go figure!

So, with not knowing exactly what our monthly expenses will be once we are married, and what the situation will be for my wife being able to find a job with her American teaching degree, we decided it would be safer and less stressful to rent for the first while until we get on our feet.  No one wants money problems right away once they are married, it will be an adjustment as it is learning to live together first.  The goal of course is that we will stay in our honeymoon twitterpaited stage for the duration of our time together, but I keep assuring my fiancé that I’m not perfect, and that some things I do WILL bother her eventually.  She actually IS perfect though, so I won’t have any adjusting to do, other than making sure the toilet seat is down!

Courtney was frantically trying to contact me today while she and her grandma were out shopping for a kitchen mixer of some sort, and she was asking me what colour I would like.  If you refer back to an older post, the one about wedding colours, you know how well I manage with strange colour names.  The colour of our mixer will be pistachio?  Yep, apparently kitchen appliances are edible!  At least it’s one of my favourite guilty snacks, that ironically makes delicious snacks in turn, oh the temptation!

She is happily finding all the necessities to fill our future home with, and all I have to do is find the home!  There are many adds on kijiji and craigslist in our area for rentals, although it is a little early to search for anything concrete, as the rental market here turns over very quickly with all the students moving in and out.  By the time we are ready to get our place, I’m hoping that there will be some openings up by the school that will work!

The last tactic I’ve employed, because there are so many adds, was to put a wanted add out there with what I think are some pretty attractive renters profile.  Since we don’t drink, smoke, party, have pets, or are particularly noisy, I figured we would be welcome tenants from maybe some of the riff raft some landlords have to deal with.  Since I’ve put up the add two days ago, I’ve gotten two replies already, so it’s working nicely it seems!

There are a few of my thoughts so far as the planning and house furnishing progresses, just counting down the days until I get to see my beautiful fiancé until then!  Can’t wait to play house with my sweet heart in person forever and ever!


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