Weekend In Paradise

Still here in beautiful Boise Idaho, and I really do consider it to be a place of paradise.  Obviously this isn’t the usual suspect for a lovely weekend away from the bustle of university and work, but I’ve had a lot of fun with my sweet heart!  This weekend has been like stoking the fire for us, I’ve never felt so rejuvenated!  We had the best Valentines date ever, even if my experience is limited in that department, I feel I have the right to make that claim.  We didn’t have much in the way of ideas, but some of the simplest things turned out to be great fun, so if you are in need of ideas for a good date, or just want to get sick with how obnoxiously in love we are, this is the post for you!

For Valentines, seen as we haven’t been together for so long, we weren’t really planning anything extravagant.  I felt a little like I wasn’t able to fulfil my manly duties by planning a romantic date, being that I’m visiting a city I don’t know, but luckily my fiancé had some good ideas.  More than anything else we just needed some us time, so we weren’t too keen on being very social, but we ended up going out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory in Boise.  It was packed, probably more so with the Valentines traffic, but we only ended up waiting about an hour or so which is about on par for that restaurant.  If you’ve never been to one, I would highly recommend them, and not just for the cheese cake!  Their menu seems miles long, the servers are always extremely helpful, and they are always bustling, it just feels like a fun place.

Being that we were so hungry by the time we were finally able to be seated, we took advantage of the free bread they offer.  The delicious sour dough or “vanilla”, and the dark “chocolate” flavoured bread, as the server called it(they aren’t actually vanilla or chocolate, but they taste as good), saved us from feeling like we were going to perish from hunger before our meals came.  I do always end up eating more of those than I should, probably part of the recipe to make sure you feel full by the time you leave the restaurant, a clever trap indeed.

Granted, it’s not as if the portions are small once you get them, they are as big as the menu they come from.  I got the chicken bellagio and my fiancé got the lemon-herb roasted chicken, both of which we ended up boxing up for a hearty lunch the next day.  The only tricky part about eating out with your significant other is being conscious of your garlic and onion intake, which can create a little bit of a barrier if you can’t stand to be within a few feet of each other, luckily both meals were safe in that regard.  Meals to avoid that I may have to coerce my fiancé to tolerate just once in a while would probably include caesar salad, anything spicy, garlic laced goodness, even the delightful curry laden butter chicken that I love when I’m in the mood.  The latter of that list would be a doozy, probably save that one for when we have to endure long distance again!

We finished off our night by coming back to our base camp, not planning much of anything other than eating our cheese cake we had taken home and watching a movie.  Of course, we couldn’t just be like normal people and just watch a movie under any old circumstances, we needed to add a little bit of our craziness to it.  Construct a blanket fort?  Sure why not!  We went through a couple of design ideas to finally get it right.  Phase one was a blanket stretched between the two beds in the room, making for a wigwam style hut with a low ceiling, not conducive for eating cheesecake without having it come out your nose.  We settled on using the two beds, but extending the blanket up onto a nearby dresser, using her printer, and a couple books for added security, to secure it.  How many people can say they made a blanket fort on Valentines day?

All of these little things turned a very simply night out into one of the most fun dates we’ve ever had.  It really is easy to do anything simple with your best friend, who I also love!  You know when you see a toddler play with a simple toy or even just a cardboard box, providing entertainment for hours?  I think being in love makes me feel like a little kid, in that just going for a walk, eating dinner, talking, or even building a blanket fort becomes the most exciting thing you’ve done in what feels like forever.


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