Finally, It’s Valentines!

Probably not the most common thought on what could be the most useless event of the year to single folk, but I couldn’t wait for Valentines this year!  As you may recall, this is a long distance engagement, and this weekend we are finally able to be together to recharge before the next long haul of being apart.  Any amount of traveling is worth being with my Courtney, even if it includes blizzard road conditions and staying with perfect strangers.  It’s been wonderful so far, and I will recount my journey in getting down to beautiful Boise Idaho, which really to me is only beautiful because of my fiancé being here, love does that to people.

Seen as I didn’t really care to navigate the arduous road conditions that accompany the Northwestern winter of British Columbia and Idaho for 17 hours, I decided to shorten and hopefully make it a little safer by flying for a good portion of it.  It was a good call leaving right after school on Thursday at about 5:30, the sun was just starting to go down, skies were clear, and the road was perfect!  My fiancé called me over my truck’s bluetooth so we could screech in each other’s ears in surround sound about how excited we were to finally be able to talk in real life without having to look at pixelated versions of each other via Skype, or constantly waiting for a poor connection to sort itself out.

If you’ve ever seen that TV show called “Highway to Hell” that features some perilous roads up in Canada, always showing awful road conditions and many many accidents, that’s where I was Thursday night!  While we were talking the road did start to have a good accumulation of snow, visibility started to lessen, and the first accident came into view in the distance.  Thinking I had lots of time to stop, as there was a semi in front of me (which are typically pretty gradual at slowing down) I didn’t get on the brakes quite as quickly as I should have.  That truck slowed down very quickly!  I did my best to keep my foot on the brake just enough so that I wasn’t sliding into the back of his trailer, using the snow on the side of the road for some added traction, all while trying to stay calm so I didn’t freak Courtney out.  Luckily I didn’t bang into the back of his truck, and we decided to cut our phone call short until I got through the mountains so I could concentrate.

Turns out this was a good idea, her’s of course!  There was another accident about 10 minutes down the road, another truck in the ditch being pulled out by a tow truck.  It really was a blessing to have the first close call when I did, otherwise I wouldn’t have driven as carefully and could have been part of one of those accidents.  The rest of the road for about 30 minutes was pretty perilous, although I wouldn’t emphasize that for my fiancé, we have to get married or else I’m in trouble.  Compact snow over ice, blowing snow, and frozen ice chunks marred the road.  Naturally, there were some vehicles that barrelled past as if they were tanks, thankfully they didn’t add to the already chaotic road conditions by causing further accidents.

The other less dangerous part of my journey was getting to tell people the purpose of my trip.  The usual interrogation at the border wasn’t quite as uncomfortable this time, I ended up having a good chat with the border guard about how my wife-to-be and I met, and what our plans were.  I was worried he might not let me through when he asked if we were considering moving down to the US once we were married, and I responded by saying no.  I may have done so a little more flippantly than I should have, I just expected him to read my mind and know our situation from our 20 second visit thus far.  Realizing my error, I explained that both of our families lived in Canada, and that seemed to keep from hurting his feelings, I really was a little worried!

The airline flights went as planned as well, just a couple of computer printing errors in getting my boarding passes out.  My first one didn’t have a seat on it, which was quickly rectified by the desk agent, and the second one wasn’t printed at all for my connecting flight to Boise.  The agents in Portland had poked fun at me at the gate when I asked for a pass, explaining that my fiancé would kill me if I didn’t make it.  They thought that was pretty funny, but what they didn’t know is she really would be very upset, 6 weeks apart was far far far too long!  Definitely gives me a great deal of respect for those who serve in the armed forces around the world, having to be away from their families and miss things like birthdays, actually birth days(even of their own children!), and just being away from their loved ones for months at a time!  That to me seems like a great sacrifice all in itself, for which I am very grateful.

I am so happy to be with my loved one here in Boise finally, and I’m sure this weekend will go by too quickly, but we’ve agreed we aren’t ever going to be separated this long again if we can help it. I would make any kind of trip to be with her, no matter the road conditions, lack of boarding passes, I would even walk if I had to!  Love does crazy things to people when they finally find each other, funny that they want to be together.  It seems most improbable for two people to meet, and fall in love with each other, I suppose that miracle happens every day somewhere in the world.


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