Which Sparkly Ring to Choose?

So as you may have noticed, this blog is deviating a little bit from its original course, but I promise it’s all related in the end.  Let’s just call it me being so successful at dodging wedding planning that I’ve nearly extricated myself from the process completely, which makes blogging about it a little tricky.  Seen as a ring is usually the acceptable offering that initiates the whole process, I figured that would be something relevant to this thread.  I will run through some of my thoughts about the whole process from finding out what my fiancé liked, how to get into the store safely, and actually purchasing the right ring.  It’s the most important material item to show her that you love her with all your heart, so it has to be perfect!

We had had the talk about getting married when I had gone down to visit her in Idaho to break up the long distance that we battle against.  I had planned on doing so on the visit anyways, but hadn’t set up the specific time quite yet.  She jumped the gun and did it for me, being the sweet and loving girl that she is, she just couldn’t hold it in any longer!  A few days after I had to return back to reality, I was already in the process of being terrified about trying to pick the right ring that she would either love, or hate, for the rest of forever, no pressure right?

Now, how to go about finding out what they like.  I suspect this will be different for everyone, but for us, I don’t have the confidence to even walk close to a jewellery store, let alone walk in one and ask to look at rings.  Furthermore, did I mention I’m scared of sales people?  I know that they are only trying to help, but I feel compelled to buy something if they take their time to assist me, and it just feels wrong in my male mind to ask for their help and then leave empty handed!  Can you tell that I don’t shop much?

Thankfully Courtney had gone out with some of her friends that weekend and went and looked at and tried on some rings so she could actually see them in person.  She told me that she really did think it helped to go and try some on, because seeing pictures and actually having it on your finger can make a huge difference, and you really want to like wearing it!  She ended up finding a ring style that she liked, the round cut diamond in the middle with a halo around it, and a thin band, maybe some more diamonds in that too.  My sweet fiancé-to-be did assure me that she would love whatever I chose for her, because she would know that I chose it.  That was very nice of her, but it only helped a little to calm this shopping phobic fellows fears of getting it wrong.

With that rough outline given, as well as a picture of one that she liked, it was off to the jewellery stores.  Not without backup of course, and I have my wonderful mother to thank once again!  That is my rule for almost any shopping that doesn’t involve cars, trucks, or motorcycles, take a female for emotional support, the store people can sense fear.  Having my mom there to save me from the scary sales peoples, with their smiling faces, seeing right through my strong manly aura I was trying to exude, I was able to enter the store.

The sales rep was very helpful at the first store we went to, and the sweet lady helped us navigate to the appropriate section.  I gave her the rough idea and showed her the picture, and we started pulling rings out to find one that was close.  What helped the most in this phase was trying to remember that I didn’t need to find the EXACT ring in the picture.  Courtney did give me some wiggle room, so I had to get that out of my head otherwise I would have had to go to that store in Idaho, which would be a little tricky.  There were about 3 rings that were within my price range, but there was one that caught my eye that escaped even the sales lady and my mom’s scanning gazes.  I do get to take a little pride in saying that I did actually pick the ring all by myself, almost.  It fit everything that my fiancé had asked for, with the exception that the halo was more round than square.

I was pretty torn at this store, and to at least make the effort of being an informed buyer I decided to think about it while we went to some other shops.  The first store we were at was People’s Jewellers, and they are part of a sizeable company, thus giving them access to a greater variety of high quality diamonds for lower prices.  This turned out to be very true as I went to three other stores in town.  I tried their competitor across the way in the mall, and their selection was okay, but just not quite up to snuff with the first.  We also went to a smaller shop that wasn’t part of any large chains, maybe find something a little more unique there, no such luck.  Going to the bigger store isn’t always a bad idea, they really do have better selection for better prices.

The final selling point was their protection plan.  For about a hundred dollars, they would do bi-annual checkups on the ring for life, replacing any diamonds or re-plating the band as it wore down free of charge.  That, and the beautiful ring that just seemed to call out to me, finally won me over.  It was all very real once I walked out of that store with a ring, the next hardest part would be trying to keep it a secret until I could officially propose!

Buying the ring can be terrifying, but it may just be me because I’m scared of shopping in general.  With a loving fiancé that knows all of my fears, she got me started right, followed up by my wonderful mother for helping me set foot in the store.  If you are looking to make the same purchase, don’t be afraid to shop around, but keep in mind that the bigger stores have bigger buying power, which trickles down to the little guy for a better deal and service.  In the end, remembering that it was for the girl that was more amazing that I could have ever imagined, made finding the perfect ring a wonderful experience.  Oh, and yes, she loves it.

the ring DSC_0040



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