Buying Furniture, an Adventure

It’s time to plan a wedding, for which the end result is having a home together.  I think I have mentioned in the past that my main responsibility in all this is just to love my fiancé and help wherever I’m needed.  My other task is to start looking for a place for us to live.  With a home, I guess we might need some things to put in it, like furniture, although in our little love fantasy world, real life problems often escape our sphere.  For anyone shopping for furniture, especially those who are on a budget, I offer this post to share my experience with buying our first piece of furniture!

First off, I have to thank my wonderful mother who has shopping skills rivalled by none.  She was in town, happened to stop in at the local “Liquidation World”, which oddly enough was going out of business and liquidating all of their items.  I was at work, and got a phone call from my mom, telling me about a couch for 250 dollars.  As I haven’t been in the market for furniture yet, I had to trust her good judgement that it was a good buy, so I texted Courtney with a picture, and just like that we own our first piece of furniture together!

It’s a fun feeling owning something together.  It’s a very welcome transition from the typical  attitude that myself and other guys in my age usually assume.  Our purchases usually consist of perhaps more frivolous and selfish things, like trucks, motorcycle parts, and ski trips.  But having something together is probably one of the most fun things I have ever bought (with the exception of the ring of course, but that’s for another post)!

Now this couch also will have a story tied to it forever, more so than just being our first item we’ve bought for our home.  I had to talk with a police officer to finally get it out of the store, because that’s normal practice right?  I’d backed up to the front doors of the store with our truck, and a small SUV started to back out of the stall in front of me.  You know how most of the time people will back out slowly, pausing before they hit your car to make the corner?  Well, they didn’t slow down, or stop, until they backed into my truck!

This is a company vehicle that already has a couple of bumps and scrapes, but really its the principle of being a courteous person to accept responsibility when you hit a parked vehicle right?  As soon as the guilty parties got out of their vehicle, I was calm and just wanted to exchange information, it really wasn’t a big deal, just a scratch.  But instead of being adults, the passenger immediately started to blame me for being in a no parking zone.  Really?  It’s my fault for getting backed into by someone who clearly didn’t use their mirrors?

So, I tried to be accommodating with my less than amiable new found friends, and just asked again for their names so we could get the insurance claim started.  They wouldn’t do that, oh no, they wanted to get the police involved for some scrapes and a cracked bumper.  To shorten this story some, an officer came, who gave my new friends the riot act for not acting like adults and exchanging information like they were supposed to.  He went on further to explain he had to be pulled off a sexual assault case, and that what they were doing was obstruction.  I almost felt bad, but being that they were many years my senior, I don’t blame the officer for being upset with them for not acting like adults!  All ended well with the exchange of the proper information, and now we have a great story to go with our first couch.

To wrap things up, buying your first piece of furniture together can end up being an adventure you will never forget.  Be careful in budget shop parking lots, they can make for more memories than you might want!  So begins the collection of sentimental items that married people are so famous for!  I can’t wait to have our little home together full of all these fun memories.


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