How We Met!

Just as I started to put down the title of this post, feeling inclined to punctuate it with an exclamation mark, I realized that it may seem a bit sickening or gushy to others.  So to be clear, I really am genuinely excited every time I get to talk about her, she means everything to me!  I think now would be an appropriate time to let everyone know just a little more about us, how we met, and even include a little bit about our first date, so you have a better idea of why I get so excited!  (There’s that exclamation point again!)

The very first time I laid eyes on my gorgeous wife-to-be, dating and marriage were the absolute last thing on my mind.  I was in the training centre in Provo Utah, preparing to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  The purpose of the missionaries is to focus one hundred percent on serving the people and families in their assigned mission, putting off work, school, and dating pursuits for eighteen months to two years.  My fiancé Courtney, was also preparing to serve as a missionary as well.

While we grew up within a couple hours of each other, and I only knew two of her younger siblings, both of which failed to mention her existence to me or mine to her!  I had spent time with her younger brother who was close to my age, and seeing her across the cafeteria I had this distinct impression that if he had an older sister, she looked like she could be family for sure.  Our paths didn’t cross at the training centre until we happened to be in the same area during gym time, and we chatted briefly in the company of other missionaries, finding out she was who I thought she was.  We both wrote home to our families mentioning we had ran into each other, and never thought about the meeting until August of last year.

Once again, another church function for young adults, and she just so happened to be home for the summer in-between semesters.  She also happened to be the only person I recognized, and me being the somewhat introverted person that I am, I wasn’t inclined to go and make any new friends just yet, so I risked talking to someone I already knew.  Funny how life works in mysterious ways.  We spent the majority of the weekend getting to know each other and having fun at the various activities, and I definitely thought she was cute!  So I put on my best charming self, I tried to “woo” her with some slack lining skills, to which she picked up quickly and hardly let me attempt to “help” her by letting her hold my hand or shoulder to steady herself.  She still claims that she wasn’t playing hard-to-get, but whatever the case, Courtney made me want to try even harder to get her attention.

Resisting the attempt to revert back to elementary school tactics of playfully punching her in the arm or picking on her to show my affection, I made the leap and asked her out on a date.  Being that I really liked this girl, I didn’t want to mess it up, so I pulled out everything I had to make myself at least seem cool.  What better way than to take her for a motorcycle ride?  Me showing up late and in a leather jacket probably wasn’t the best route for impressing the parents, but we are engaged now so it must have gone alright!

We had a great time, she was an excellent passenger for the brief ride to a local lake park where we got to sit down and visit one on one, getting to know each other better.  I was nervous throughout for sure, mostly because I really liked this girl and she sure was beautiful.  I had had this crazy thought from the beginning that who knows, maybe this could be the one.  The chance meeting that seemed perfectly timed, and then meeting up again at the perfect venue, where we could spend time around each other in a comfortable setting, it would have made for a crazy story!  This thought drove me to be on my best behaviour, because if this was the one, I sincerely wanted to make sure that I did everything right, treating her like the princess that she deserved to be.

The end of the first date was where I made the big move, but it was in no way planned ahead of time.  She escorted me outside to my motorcycle, wishing me a safe journey back, and thanking me for taking her out.  All I expected for a first date was to get the almost obligatory hug as a thank you, but that same thought that drove me to talk to her prompted me to do something else.  Against every fibre of my usual reserved self, I wanted to kiss her.  You may be thinking, no way!  A boy wants to kiss a pretty girl that he likes, that’s absurd!  Not knowing what would be considered too forward, especially wanting to have another date, I figured there was no harm in asking her if I could “kiss her on the cheek or something”, no doubt the smoothest words I could come up with.  I like to think of that moment, when she said yes, as the moment where the rest became history.

In closing, my motive for writing this may have secretly been to make some readers vomit with how in love I am with Courtney.  Hopefully this helps you all get a better picture of where I am coming from, and why I am so excited to be with this girl for the rest of forever, as we like to put it.  If Webster ever needs another way to help define and use the exclamation point, I offer this post as a reference!  (Exclamation point!)


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