Wedding Invitations.

Wedding invitations.  Lovely, cute, adorable, beautiful, touching, memorable, all words associated with these little pieces of photo paper.  My experience with them so far has been receiving them from male friends who were able to trick some poor young ladies into marrying them.  They are always nice to receive, and I had never really given it much thought as to what I would like mine to look like, or even thinking that I myself would even be able to put one out in the first place!  So, I will do my best to give my thoughts on which site is the best, or at least which one I would pick with my limited groom powers.

My fiancé has been doing research on the different styles that are offered for a long time, so I asked her for some of the top sites that she has been using to find something that she likes.  Here are a few of the main ones she’s looked at, she made it quite clear that there were many more examples!  I could barely handle three!

Out of all of them, I feel like I liked, or at least was the least scared of for a couple of reasons.  First reason is that the home page isn’t immediately overwhelming with options, as they have some pretty decent drop down menus that help clean up the page, whereas the other two scream overstimulation!  They overwhelm a poor groom like myself that would even attempt to assist in such decision making.

Second reason is the prices are hidden initially.  Usually this would be considered a bad feature when trying to compare prices, but sometimes you just don’t want to know how much it costs right away.  If Minted were a person, they would be the best of salespeople. They draw you in with their charm and likeable personality, make a very believable attempt at showing interest in you as a person, and then they try and sell you on the invitation.  Being that I’m part of a family business that depends on sales being done properly, I can appreciate the careful skill it took to put this website together.  If they can build a little rapport, I would even pay a little extra just because I like them better than the other guys!

The final reason got my vote was that they offered free samples!  Considering how much one could potentially spend on invites, that’s a nice way to soften the blow.  Don’t we all like things for free?  Also, just in being able to see and feel the quality of the product is a nice touch prior to purchase of large quantities.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a website that seems to be a good pick, is the one from this groom.  The site is easy to use, makes you feel good about being there, and gives you something for free!  Just one step closer to the main event, the marriage and best day of our lives!


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