Engagement Photos!

Usually when there is an announcement that pictures are to be taken, that involve myself being in them, my usual response is one of resigned defeat.  It’s not that I don’t like taking pictures, It’s just that I don’t really feel all that “photogenic”, as most people seem to be.  So when the time came for engagement pictures, I was thinking something along the lines of having one of our parents take a couple of pictures of us and we would be good.  Oh no, that was not the case!  There is a lot of fore thought that goes into this event, and it was a lot more than I had ever imagined.  A few items we will address today will involve choosing a photographer, locations (plural!), and outfits(never thought I would say that!).  Engagement pictures aren’t as scary as they seemed at first though, turned out to be a very fun experience!

The first new part of the whole experience was choosing the photographer.  Once again, my beautiful fiancé had already done extensive research via Pintrest for ideas, so she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted (Notice a theme here of my fiancé being amazing when it comes to wedding planning, and everything in general?).  She knew someone that attends the same church as us who’s work she really liked, and also had a few others that she had considered.  Probably the only potential minefield that we had to navigate was to make sure we didn’t have any feelings hurt by not choosing family friends who do photography, of which there are many!  I’m glad she already had someone in mind, and thankfully she was available and had some very reasonable rates.

The photographer was fantastic!  She made me feel very comfortable with a camera, which is a feat in itself, and was able to get us to do natural “in love” type things that we normally do anyways, so we were able to just lose ourselves in each others eyes and other such icky love things.  It was sure fun for us though!  All of the poses were very natural, probably unfair to call them poses at all.  All she did was suggest we do “cute” things, and as the session progressed she picked up on our cues and worked with the fun atmosphere she had helped create.

As for the location, or locations I should say, my fiancé had some ideas, the most prominent being having our picture taken out on a dock.  This was another example of the typical guy behaviour us grooms are known to exude kicked in, I just expected you only took pictures in one location, wrong again!  We ended up taking the majority of the pictures out on the dock, which turned out great with the lighting expertise of our photographer, and we even braved the icy pathways up to some trees by the beach, and caught some of my favourite pictures there.

We ended our photo shoot at a local Starbucks, where the staff graciously permitted us to use one of the tables to take some more gushy pictures.  I am pretty certain there was an elderly gentleman at one of the corner tables that rolled his eyes multiple times, no doubt interrupting his afternoon hideout.  Luckily some other patrons were very understanding and let us take there spot so we could avoid having grumpy in the background, although I think that would have been pretty funny to have caught the unwilling “photo-bomber” with the us two crazy kids.  Those pictures turned out fantastic, and she caught some very candid moments of us laughing about who knows what, and I love nothing more than seeing my fiancé laugh and smile!

Outfits was the only real scary part of the experience.  Just a few hours of shopping(which for me can seem just a little bit longer), emptying what to me seemed a good portion of most of the clothes racks, and then trying to combine said items was well beyond my comfort zone.  When asked my opinion, I was perfectly honest, but I did my best to side with my future wife’s good taste in fashion and try and narrow the sea of clothing.  Oh and my outfit?  Well, what I had brought from home wasn’t quite sufficient, so we stopped in two stores, and I’m pretty easy to please when a pretty girl tells me something looks good.  As you may have guessed, my shopping was done considerably quicker, but us grooms aren’t there to be flashy, we are just the accessory to the main event!

Overall I really enjoyed the whole experience.  Sure there was a lot more to the whole event than I had previously thought, but it all went without a hitch.  What a great way to make some fun memories as well.  Every time I look at the pictures now, all I remember is the wonderful feelings and fun we had while taking them, and those will be immortalized forever.  To any a groom out there that may stumble upon this, look forward to these pictures!  They were the most fun pictures I’ve ever had taken, probably mostly because of having my beautiful fiancé with me, and I will be forever grateful for being coerced into getting them.   Good luck taking those pictures, and above all, have fun and show how much you love being together and they will go great!1545823_621270607909755_60899838_n


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