Meet the Parents, All of Them!

Todays post will talk a little about my experience with having both sets of parents meet to discuss arrangements as far as wedding planning goes.  Luckily for my fiancé and I, we both have the best of parents, so meeting each others respective in-laws was a breeze.  We were the oldest children of both families, so neither really knew what the other expected as far as division of responsibilities and finances.  We figured the best way to make sure everything went smoothly was to have an in person meeting.  I will discuss how my experience was in the meeting between the two sets of parents, and what my part was in it.

Now, this can be very scary ground for some from what I have heard, but overall I felt it to be a good experience!  There was dinner involved, the kids of the families got to meet and mingle, and the older folk were able to swap stories and get to know one another better.  When it came down to the official meeting portion, I won’t be able to share a whole lot unfortunately, I took the safe route.  Be in a different portion of the house!

I will say that I paid my dues to avoid any hurt feelings, specifically asking my fiancé if I was needed.  I would highly recommend this, you will most certainly get in trouble if you don’t care!  We need to show genuine interest, but we also have to accept that we just aren’t built for this sort of thing, and I’m sure(I hope!) my wonderful fiancé understands.  Although I still haven’t mastered the interpreting of answers from my future wife, pretty sure I guessed right!  She said I wasn’t needed, (they were discussing colours and bridesmaid dresses) so I took it as truth and escaped to the basement.

I would like to say to all grooms out there that there are many noble an effort that can be undertaken when such an opportunity arises.  For the same reason that we take it upon ourselves to eat half a batch of cookies in one sitting, or cutting and eating those extra pieces of cheese off the block to make sure the it is actually square, I decided to go to the basement and assist in playing air hockey with the young ones to help them bond!  I know, I know, I went above and beyond the call of duty for sure.  They actually ended up having to interact with each other on a deeper level than staring at their phones, so I would call it a success!

In conclusion, for anyone who actually wants to start off the wedding planning right, having an informal meeting such as this was a great way to start.  Everyone had at least a loose idea of who’s job was who’s, separating the costs appropriately, and the excitement was able to begin with all the pretty bits of a wedding.  If you happen to be the groom in the situation, make an appearance, agree with what has been said, then donate your time to another worthy and noble cause within the family, it’s safer that way!


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