Wedding Colours…

As we progress in this blogging experience, more and more little details will no doubt sneak out, for example the Canadian spelling of colours!  This post will be dedicated to all the grooms that have been asked their opinion on shiny decoration thingies, as I would like to call them anyways.  We all know that catering to our innate male desire to feel needed by asking us what we think is very appreciated,

coralpeachbut this might be one place where we all feel very inadequate in offering our opinions.  Our opinion isn’t always asked for but we certainly appreciate the gesture, but the bride and concerned parties must wonder what it is that goes through our minds.  It is my hope that this will present a window into the mind of your typical groom when discussing such subjects.

I will list some colours that are on some of todays popular wedding colour pallets, and translate into what they seem like to me.

Here are some sample colours, courtesy of, chosen totally at random, thanks to being at the top of the list on my google search of wedding colour names.


Translation for the groom: Red, maybe the kind of red that has a little bit of orange to it?  Although that might be pushing it.

Fuchsia (Copy and pasted that one to avoid misspelling!)

Translation: Pink, like my sisters room


Translation and comment:  Alright, this one has the most sensible name thus far, but I will admit, nothing about this colour says fuzzy and delicious to me.


Translation:  Oh this one is easy, purple obviously!


Comment:  I rather enjoy the idea of edible colours.  Probably the most underused route in colour naming, think of the possibilities!  I wonder what colour bacon would be?

Blush Pink

Translation: Blush pink?  My grade 10 English teacher would have appreciated the use of personification, but to say that colours now have the emotional capacity to be embarrassed seems a little odd.  I should be more considerate, colours have feelings you know!

Bottom line for wedding colours, we are happy, as long as our bride is happy!  These are just a few of a plethora of possibilities that we grooms have to navigate, and I can only imagine what it would be like to navigate on my own.  If we are asked what we think of the colours that have been chosen, remember this post!  Being that most of us are very logical by nature, we will break down the complicated world of wedding planning into it’s most simple parts, and apply our limited experience so that we can grasp what’s going on!  Just one more reason why I am so happy to be getting married to my beautiful future wife, she can handle my simpleton ways, still love me, and turn out a beautiful wedding in the process!


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