From the Groom’s Perspective

When deciding on what I could possible blog about, a recent life changing event came to mind, engagement to my beautiful fiancé and love of my life on Christmas Eve!  Since then I thought everything would be easy, just look forward to getting married!  We are planning the wedding some four months from now, May 24 is going to be our special day!  For some strange reason that wonderful event has spurred an onslaught of advice givers, some helpful, and some not so helpful and a little scary.  This will be the first of hopefully many updates on what all this planning looks like from the groom’s perspective, something that I probably will have to share with my fiancé and see what she thinks!  To actually get those of the male population to even stumble upon a blog such as this, I will include some choice words that may draw in the interested demographic.  TRUCKS.  MOTORCYCLES.  BACKFLIPS.  MUD BOGGING.  CHEVY FORD DODGE TOYOTA.  There, that should get something to pop up on the old Google search algorithm.  I’ll finish just by saying that this wedding business is a scary place for us guys, so I will do my best to blog the experience for any who are interested in surviving with minimal damage until the wonderful day!


One thought on “From the Groom’s Perspective

  1. Don’t know anything about blogging but I can see you have put lots of thought into this project & it would be in every young man’s interest to read the males point of view on weddings…after all, they are an integral part of this event. Great job, Grandson

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